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Keystone features Douglas compositions inspired by the great and unfairly maligned Roscoe ‘Fatty’ Arbuckle, one of America’s earliest and funniest movie stars. Focusing on his early works for the Keystone production company (1915-1916), the new music attempts to mirror the humor and drama, the tragedy and hilarity of Arbuckle’s films and his life. The electric invoked scores are warm, funny, funky, and experimental, perfectly capturing the atmosphere of the films.

Keystone is a two-disc release: a CD and a DVD. The CD contains eleven music tracks which present themes Dave Douglas composed for Arbuckle’s films. The DVD contains two items; first, Roscoe Arbuckle’s 1915 film “Fatty and Mabel Adrift”, accompanied by Dave Douglas’ new score (comprised of the above-mentioned songs plus about seven minutes of additional music Dave wrote for this film). Also included is “Just Another Murder”, a music video for this Keystone track compiled and edited from the film “Fatty’s Tin-Type Tangle”, directed by Arbuckle in 1915.

The Village Voice has said of Keystone: “Fatty Arbuckle isn’t a dude who usually gets a nod on jazz discs, but Dave Douglas isn’t a dude who does things the usual way. The trumpeter’s forthcoming CD is made by a new band with funk, dub, pop and outcat groove on its mind. Noisy and graceful — no wonder Fatty is its cause celebre.”

Musicians: Dave Douglas, trumpet; Jamie Saft, keyboards; Gene Lake, drums; Marcus Strickland, saxophones; Brad Jones, bass; DJ Olive, turntables.

Subscriber Bonus: AWD

A track recorded at the Keystone session and mixed by David Torn but not released.

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Download “Dave Douglas – All Wheel Drive”
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Subscriber Bonus: Luke The Dog

“Luke The Dog” is another complete take from the Keystone recording session that was left off the CD portion of the Keystone disc. Dedicated to Fatty Arbuckle’s dog, who starred in a number of films including “Fatty & Mabel Adrift”, where some of this music is featured.

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Download “Dave Douglas – Luke The Dog” [MP3, 192kbps, 9.2MB]

Subscriber Bonus: Pool Sharks (early edit)

Dave’s own early edit and mix of Pool Sharks, from the original Keystone Studio sessions of January 2005. This piece was not on the Keystone album, but it became a staple of live performances. You can now also hear a live version of this piece on Keystone: Live in Sweden. This track shows the original studio conception.

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Download “Pool Sharks”
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Subscriber Bonus: Educational

After his exoneration, Arbuckle tried to return to moviemaking, but the ban on his pictures came too soon after his acquittal to allow for that, and he retreated into alcoholism. Buster Keaton attempted to help Arbuckle by letting him work on Keaton’s films. Arbuckle allegedly co-directed scenes in Keaton’s Sherlock, Jr., but it is unclear how much of this footage made it through to the final film.

Arbuckle also directed a number of comedy shorts for Educational Pictures featuring lesser-known comics of the day under the pseudonym William Goodrich. Educational released many silent comedies and also, for a period in the 1920s, released silent cartoons including Felix the Cat.

Dave Douglas, DJ Olive, Brad Jones, Gene Lake, David Torn

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Download “Educational”
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