Keystone Tour Happened: Yay

In my inaugural blogging I would like to commemorate the occurrence of Dave Douglas and Keystone Fall Tour 2005. I played keyboards on this tour, and it was a rewarding and edifying experience. In terms of mileage, schedule and quality of souffle it surpassed all tours I had done thus far in my young career, thus graduating me from the level of Jazz Rookie and setting me on the course toward Touring Pro. This is great because now I can Talk Shop with other Touring Pros, but moreover because I return to Los Angeles with the knowledge that there are gigs out there where you go to beautiful places and play great music with nice people and no one tries to screw you, something that at times can seem doubtful to a young person trying to build a career in music.

Next on tap is Kneebody Winter Tour 2005, in which we visit several major metropolitan areas of USA in succession from East to West — see how far you will have to drag yourself to see our fantastic band on our most ambitious tour yet. I hope to see many familiar faces on this trip as the Massive Headless Corporate Juggernaut that is the Greenleaf Music Touring Division goes into action yet again!