Homegoing | Roy Campbell & Amiri Baraka


Roy Campbell’s Wake
Tuesday, January 14th, 5 to 8pm, Granby’s Funeral Home

4021 White Plains Rd, Bronx. Take the #2 or #5 train to 225 Street

Roy Campbell’s Funeral
Wednesday, 1pm in the north Bronx at St Luke’s Episcopal Church

777 East 222 Street near White Plains Rd. Take the #2 or #5 train to 225 Street

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Amiri was not only a famous poet. He was humble and tirelessly working artist who lived his life dedicated to all his people.

who used words like scalpels to cut out the disease
of our un-kind un-just un-liberated culture
but not only did he write words that cut away falseness to reveal truth or at least make us question
an unhealthy world that we take for granted as normal
but in addition – he was always there
He showed Up where he was needed

Now there is no one to show Up except us all
We must carry on
We must never stop striving’
till We All are Free
till We are All living With Justice and Humanity.

Amiri Baraka’s Wake
Friday, January 17th, Metropolitan Baptist Church, 4pm to 9pm

149 Springfield Avenue, Newark, NJ.

Saturday, January 18th at Newark Symphony Hall at 10am

1020 Broad Street, Newark, NJ