Greenleaf Music Subscriber Downloads

As many of you know, Greenleaf has a subscriber system that allows you to contribute some of your hard earned cash to our cause of getting great music out into this world. It works like public radio: you support us, and we give you free stuff. But instead of a mug or a book or a tote, we give you free CDs and access to our monthly downloads. These tracks are culled from Greenleaf’s and Dave’s archives of unreleased outakes and never-released rare live tracks. They come to you on the first of every month without fail when you subscribe.

There has been a great response to these tracks. Because of this response, we thought we would share with you one of these subscriber downloads as a taste of what you could have on your e-plate.

Here is April’s download: Come To Jesus played by Dave Douglas Quintet with Chris Potter, Uri Caine, James Genus, and Clarence Penn, written by Dave’s high school buddy Adam Guettel.