Welcome to Greenleaf Music

Thanks for visiting. As you’ll see from these posts, I’m on the road in Europe right now, giving concerts with my Quintet. (Actually tonight is a much deserved night off in Madrid. However, we didn’t just fly down here for the R & R, we’re actually playing here tomorrow night…).

The web site and record label is a new thing for me, and it is something I enjoy greatly. I have had a lot of questions about it. This post aims to give you some idea what’s going on here. And how it changes the equation for me as an artist, and for all the artists we work with.

Aside from my posts, you’ll also find links to many of my recordings, past and present. You can listen to them here and you can also purchase them through our secure-payment store, MusicStem. These recordings are available both in CD form with original artwork and liner notes, and also as high-fidelity downloads.

You can also find recordings from the Delmark catalogue (many of them highlighted in the new banner on the right). Also recordings from Marcus Strickland, Michael Moore, Maurice Brown and others.

Look up. That strip across the top of this page is our Greenleaf Music Radio Player. You can listen (or not) by clicking on the [enable/disable] button. (It looks like a small box with an X in it in my browser). The radio player holds playlists like: some of my favorite music, some more of my favorite music, some favorites of Greenleaf’s Michael Friedman, choice cuts from Anastasia Tsoulkas, Michael Orlove and others, as well as a selection of Greenleaf Music recordings.

Every month I put together a special track of music you won’t find anywhere else. You can get it by joining Greenleaf Music’s Subscription Series by clicking the link in the upper right hand corner. You get a discount on everything we do, a unique, unreleased track every month, and inside access to goings on around here. Please consider supporting the work we’re doing.

Note: I just figured this out a couple days ago…. If you want to make this text bigger or smaller, you can do so by clicking [command] and the plus or minus sign.

By clicking around you will find many other things: pictures, tour schedules, sheet music, FAQs, links, and more. Please visit us often. And if you live in the USA, don’t forget to vote!