Greenleaf Music is still a new business. And it’s still a new area of the business. We’ve had a lot of questions. So, to answer a few of them:

We still make CDs with specially designed jackets called digipacks. They are available by mail order through our store, musicstem.com. We offer them at prices below the chain record stores, and SHIPPING IS FREE in the U.S. They usually arrive (within the U.S.) in a couple of days. We do this because we believe in passing lower prices on to our listeners, and we feel that at this point artists and listeners are best served by a direct relationship, with no middlemen. We count on our listeners to spread the word about their satisfaction with the music and service.

We ALSO offer downloadable music. It’s the same music, but it comes directly into your computer instantly. You can get most of the information about the release at our site, but downloadable music does not come with the digipack.

Finally, we have a subscription plan; for a flat fee, subscribers receive a single track every month (a track that is not available any other way). Subscribers also get free CDs, discounts at musicstem.com, and the knowledge that they are helping make this independent model work.

Thank you everyone for your support. And please don’t hesitate to contact us with any other questions, comments, or suggestions.

More music coming soon.