It had been awhile since I had done any studio work, but in the past couple weeks, I’ve been mixing some live material with a couple buddies. It’s certainly nice to be back in that process again, especially with live material. It’s just so full of energy, something hard to replicate in the closed-wall confines of a studio — at least for rock n roll.

Something to help out, a friend passed on a link to a freeware called EverSave from Tool Force. It’s basically just as it sounds. You set what programs you want EverSave to talk with, and set a schedule (every 10 mins, every hour, etc). From there, EverSave saves whatever document is open on that schedule. Just getting into it now, but a pretty cool thing so far. Great for Word, Excel, and the like — these are programs that have autosave functions that don’t always pull through for you. Nice to have some back up.