DDQ in the Southeast.

dd50_logo1-optSome thanks are in order. One of the most inspiring parts of the US tour has been meeting the people along the way. People who make musical events possible in their cities, towns, and regions are really crucial to the opening up of possibility around the country. We’ve been blessed to meet up with some fantastic supporters of the arts in our 50 state travels.

In Louisville, Kentucky, John Harris at the Clifton Center is presenting a diverse set of musical events and we were thrilled to be a part of it. Also, Mike Tracy at University of Louisville was instrumental in making the workshops and presentations happen.

In Knoxville, Tennessee we were hosted by my old friend Greg Tardy, saxophonist, who, along with Vance Thompson, Donald Brown and others is leading an outstanding program at UT. I had a blast playing with Greg again. At the same time we were hosted by Ashley Capps and the Square Room for our acoustic set in front of an electric audience.

The next day was a workshop in Asheville, North Carolina and a concert in Black Mountain, North Carolina. Thanks to Brian Felix and Bob Hinkle for making this happen. Also a big thank you to Greenleaf’s own Jim Tuerk (no, it is not pronounced ‘Twerk’, much as we would enjoy that) for driving us and bringing box sets and vinyl LPs to all our shows.

Britt Theurer has a great program at East Carolina and I was grateful for the invitation to speak to his brass students in Greenville, North Carolina.

Finally for this run, Matt White, trumpeter and producer at Coastal Carolina University near Myrtle Beach, brought us to South Carolina for an awesome show at Wheelwright Auditorium. Matt is making great things happen there and you can check out his new record at this link.

On the way home I stopped in Richmond, Virginia to reunite with trumpeters Rex Richardson and Taylor Barnett and play material for three trumpets and rhythm section. Thanks to Antonio Garcia for inviting me to his program at VCU and making this special concert possible. There was a post concert visit to McCormack’s Whiskey Grill along with Reggie Pace, Bryan Hooten and other members of NO BS! Brass, not soon to be forgotten!

And, yes, I am training for a marathon again and running in every city we visited so far. Loving that Rail Trails seem to be springing up all over the country. We’re back on the west coast now and the Pacific vistas are impeccable. Today in Oakland, California; tomorrow Portland, Oregon; Saturday, Seattle, Washington, and then we will be in Europe for a couple of weeks. Hope to see you out there. Dave