DD&K: LAJS – Thursday

Waking up to a boat-load of music in my inbox is always a beautiful thing…

I have put up the MP3 albums for the two sets last night. These sets include brand new compositions played for the first time last night. For those who have already ordered, check your account and there will be a DOWNLOAD link next to your order. Any problems, drop us a line at help@greenleafmusic.com and we’ll get you squared away.

Also, for those of you who have purchased the Full Book, we are going to be sending you the Limited Edition Keystone: Live at Jazz Standard Poster for FREE (while supplies last)! Nice of us, huh? Well, you deserve it. Thanks for the support!

L@JS, 4/10 – Early Set
1. Silent Stars
2. Moonshine
3. The First Hundred Years
4. Married Life
5. Circus Peanuts
6. Tough

L@JS, 4/10 – Late Set
1. Dog Star
2. Scopes
3. Flood Plain
4. Kitten
5. AWD
6. Traveling Salesman
7. Tragicomique
8. Pool Sharks

Enjoy the music!