DD&K: LAJS – Saturday

The MP3 albums from last nights performances have been posted, as well as the Early Set of the FLAC files–check back in 30 minutes for the Late Set…

L@JS, 4/12 – Early Set
1. Luke The Dog
2. Silent Stars
3. The First Hundred Years
4. Traveling Salesman
5. Circus Peanuts
6. Tough
L@JS, 4/12 – Late Set
1. Moonshine
2. November
3. Olive’s Big Mess
4. Kitten
5. Porto Alegre
6 Pool Sharks

And after quite a day yesterday, the FLAC files from Thursday nights performances have been reposted as well. In case you didn’t notice, there was a short hiccup in one of the tunes probably due to a blip in the encoding. We have fixed the track and the album is back up. Enjoy!