Dave at Zankel Hall, New Keystone Video

On February 18, 2006, Dave Douglas & Keystone will play Zankel Hall in New York City. The performance will mark the multimedia premiere of Keystone in New York City. If you’ve seen Keystone perform live with the Arbuckle films, you know it’s a particularly uncommon experience in jazz. The performance is an exciting one because Zankel Hall is part of Carnegie Hall, one of the great venues in the world. For ticket information, go to Carnegie Hall’s website. The performance is part of the John Adams’ “In Your Ear Too” series.

To celebrate this performance, we’re showing another Arbuckle film scored with Dave’s music: Fatty’s Plucky Pup. Neither this film nor Dave’s score, “Luke The Dog,” is included on the Keystone CD/DVD. For all you drummers out there, check out Gene Lake on this one!