Dada Machinations :: Fulcrum Point

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My friend and fellow musician Joe Darnaby has helped put together a lot of the logistics for this show including piecing together the propellers for this one-time performance tonight at the Harris Theater in Chicago. From what I’ve been told, this is going to be an incredible performance.

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Dada Machinations :: Fulcrum Point

Risk = Reward? The ultimate Dada musical score for 16 player pianos, percussion electric bells, siren, and 3 airplane propellers, Ballet mécanique is a riotous fusion of industrial sounds and Jazz with dense timbral clusters. Zuidam and Veldhuis’s tour-de-force chamber works are virtuoso vehicles full of improvisation and vigor, while the Fluxus works are sure to astonish you. Worth the Risk!

The audience is invited to a free post-concert reception to meet with the artists and enjoy refreshments and complimentary wine from Vin DiVino.