Course Work

Wrapping up the long tour with Keystone. Thanks to all of you who came out and said hello! Thought the below might be of some interest. I’ll be heading up into the mountains in about ten days, and these are the topics that visiting artists at the Banff Workshop will be presenting…

Week One

Oliver Lake, saxophone
Issues in Solo Performance: Developing the Solo Performance
Compositional Elements in Improvised Performance

Dave Douglas, trumpet
In What Language: Douglas talks about choices available to today’s composing improvisers, and illuminates his own composition processes.
Composers Workshop: Reading participant compositions and developing ideas

Steve Cardenas, guitar
Thelonious Monk: Details and Approaches
Chord/Scale Improvisation: Relationships and Commonalities

Adam Benjamin, piano
Music As Mindfulness: Being a Student of Jazz
When It’s All Been Done: Tackling the Weighty Legacy of Jazz Piano
(And By Special Request:)
Baboons and Orangutans: Which One is Cuter?
A Mournful Toot: Tackling the Weighty History of Jazz Euphonium

Scott Colley, bass
Concepts in Chordless Trio Improvisation

Clarence Penn, drums
Practice and Professionalism: Penn talks about how to practice, and also provides tips for a successful career as a professional musician.

Joe Ferla, recording engineer
Inside the Engineer’s Studio: Grammy Winning engineer Joe Ferla talks with Dave Douglas about recording and production.

Also in residence, very special guests:

David Krakauer, klezmer clarinet
Matt Haimovitz, cello
Joshua Dolgin (Socalled), sound artist
Geoff Nuttall, violin
Fredric Chiu , piano
Playing Messiaen’s Quartet For The End Of Time and original compositions
inspired by this historic work. Krakauer and Dolbin will also be available for coaching during the workshop.

Week Two

Miguel Zenon, saxophone
Rhythmic Concepts for Improvisation and Composition

Dave Douglas, trumpet
Ear Training for Improvisers
Composers Workshop

Mark Feldman, violin
Incorporating Free Improvisation in Structured Compositional Forms

Sylvie Courvoisie, piano
The Extended Piano: New Sounds and Techniques for players and composers
Composition: The Music of Sylvie Courvoisie in demonstration

Vicente Archer, bass
Working With The Rhythm Section

Jerry Granelli
Developing the Intuitive In Improvisation

Giorgio Magnenensi
Composition and New Music Practices for Improvisers
Electronic Improvisation Set-ups

Week Three

The renowned Instant Composers Pool (ICP) visits from the Netherlands.

Extremely Rare Sessions will evolve with:

Misha Mengelberg, piano
Han Bennink, drums
Mary Oliver, violin/viola
Tristan Honsinger, cello
Ernst Glerum, bass
Michael Moore, saxophone and clarinet
Ab Baars, saxophone
Tobias Delius, saxophone
Thomas Heberer, trumpet
Wolter Wierbos, trombone

Dave Douglas, trumpet
Composers Workshop continues…