CONTEST: Best of Greenleaf Music

It’s contest time again. Due to the overwhelming response to our Dave Douglas Mixtape contest this past summer, we’ve decided to hold another mix tape contest of sorts. And this time, we might press a Best of Greenleaf Music Volume 1 on vinyl based in part on your submissions. No one knows our catalog better than the community we have here. So take a moment and read the rules / requirements below.

Rules / Requirements

+ Submit (2) Sides (A / B) with your picks of the best tracks from the Greenleaf catalog via the Comment Section of this post
+ Each side can be no more than 20:59 in length (no exceptions!)
+ You choose the tracks
+ Your tracklist must include more than two Greenleaf artists
+ Tracks must be taken from the Greenleaf catalog (in other words, albums on other labels by the same artist do not count)
+ Submissions close October 16th

How the contest works.

At the end of the scheduled time frame, we will tally up how many
times each track was used from each list. The most chosen tracks will be put into a pool of music with picks from our artists. We will generate the final tracklist in house and release an extremely limited pressing on vinyl.

Digital files will also be released, and free with purchase of your vinyl copy and as always, to our subscribers.


Five randomly-chosen people who submit their Best of Greenleaf list will receive one of the Limited Edition LP’s signed by all Greenleaf artists on the album.

Each person who submits will have their full name credited in the liner notes (unless anonymity is your thing).

Best of luck. We’re looking forward to seeing your list.