Charles Wuorinen Brass Music.

Thursday, January 15. All part of the Festival of New Trumpet Music.

New York premiere of Wuorinen’s Brass Quintet, as well as Epithalamium, for two trumpets, and Big Epithalamium, for eight. New York Trumpet Ensemble, under the direction of Mark Gould, will also perform a 2005 FONT commissioned composition from the composer Du Yun, Air Glow, for five trumpets and laptop. After intermission, chamber music for trumpet, string quartet, and percussion by Ornette Coleman.

Here is Charles Wuorinen performing in 2008:

Around 1992 I found Charles Wuorinen’s book, Simple Composition, in the Brooklyn Public Library. I thought, “At last! My problems are over!” Little did I know, they were just beginning… The book had a profound effect on me and spurred a whole new approach to composing for improvising small groups.

This master composer can also be seen in an interview with Frank Oteri at American Music Center’s New Music Box.