ANFTD #16: Rudy Royston

ANFTD #15: Greg Osby

Hosts Dave Douglas and Michael Bates continue the podcast with episode 15 in which they chat with saxophonist composer Greg Osby about generating creative ideas, finding new musicians, and more. Announcing a composition workshop on February 8 & 9, 2014, questions for Drummond, and music. Send us your questions and suggestions at

ANFTD #14: John Zorn (part 2)

Part 2 of Dave Douglas' sit down with John Zorn recorded on September 12th, 2013 at WNYU Studios. John talks about finding the language of the alto saxophone in the 70's through an obsessive practice method, his approach to writing for recent pieces that pair through-composed elements with improvisers, and the leadership strategies of Gen. George S. Patton.

ANFTD #13: John Zorn (part 1)

On September 12th Dave Douglas sat down with John Zorn for a conversation at the WNYU studios. As they only scratched the surface, we've split the interview into two parts. Part 1 covers Game Pieces, Band Leading, Composing, and hints at leadership strategies of Gen. George S. Patton. Various musical selections are interspersed. Stay tuned for Part 2 with talk about Patton, improvisation, John's practice techniques, his approach to writing for recent pieces that combine through-composed parts with improvisers.

ANFTD #12: Miguel Zenon

Miguel Zenon and Dave Douglas talk about Miguel's music including his latest self-released album "Oye!!! Live In Puerto Rico," as well as his recent travels. Also, Dave talks about the DD|50 project and box set, and co-host Michael Bates revisits more Jackie Mclean.

ANFTD #11: John McNeil and the Official Super Nerdfest Trumpet Geek Freakout

As the Festival of New Trumpet Music begins this week in NYC, the ANFTD team welcomes trumpeter/composer and former Dave Douglas teacher John McNeil for a trumpet geekfest.

ANFTD #10: John O’Gallagher

Saxophonist and composer John O'Gallagher joins the ANFTD team to discuss his Anton Webern Project, and a new book he authored on Twelve-Tone Improvisation. Dave discusses playing "out" and his recent Downbeat cover feature. Michael shines a spotlight on the metal band Meshuggah, and our new correspondent Drummond gives us an on-the-ground report from a Meshuggah concert.

ANFTD #9: Steve Byram

Artist Steve Bryam joins Dave and Michael for a talk about his process and his works including album art for Tim Berne's Screwgun Records, the Beastie Boys, Slayer, Dave Douglas, and many more. Also included is a brief Paul Motian tribute with audio from Dave's latest release "Time Travel" and another entry in the future inventions series.

ANFTD #8: Myra Melford

Myra Melford joins the ANFTD team for a discussion of her music including a new solo piano album, being inspired by nonmusical art forms, and collaborations in improvisational music and food. Dave discusses his early days of street performing, Michael talks future inventions we've all been waiting for, and the two sing the theme to Hockey Night in Canada (ouch!).

ANFTD #7: JD Allen

Episode 7 of the Greenleaf Music Podcast features JD Allen, a profound saxophonist and composer whose work touches on free jazz and improvisation with a deep sense of spirituality and grace. JD joined Dave and Michael for a phone conversation recently and sent some tracks from his new album. Plus Dave and Michael listen to some J.S. Bach and Woody Shaw.

ANFTD #6: Revenge of the Nerds

This ANFTD episode sets aside the interview format as Dave delves into the music on "Time Travel" and Michael talks about spinning Shostakovich into his latest album "Acrobat."

ANFTD #5: Jon Irabagon

A lively conversation with saxophonist & composer Jon Irabagon about his latest recording released on his own label, Irabbagast Records, winng the Monk Competition, and drawing equal inspiration from Wayne Shorter and Parker Posey. Also, Michael talks vinyl, and Dave shines a light on the music of Booker Little.