Brass Ecstasy on YouTube

The Brass Ecstasy Tiny Desk Concert made it to the front page on YouTube with now over 85,000 views. With 187 comments posted so far you get a wide variety of opinions on the short set.

Here’s just a few…

“Being a typical modern teenager, I never knew a brass ensemble would ever sound this pleasant to listen to until now. Thanks NPR for posting this :)”

“you guys are awesome if you really work on that you be playing pro.”

“Best 17 min and 53 secs i spent ever”

“the trumpet players’ ray bans are sick.”

“man i love that trombone player”

“where is the vocals?”

“Thanks for the political jab at Bush, Douglas. Couldn’t help yourself, right? Twilight of the Dogs. What a clever, dyslexic title. 1-20-09 was such an inspirational day for you. Transfer of power, and all that. Here it is roughly seven months later. R U proud of the job your messiah is doing? So vastly superior to Bush, right? Uh huh. obama and his administration remind me a lot of your music. Cataphonic. Ever hear of separation of music and politics? Try it sometime. It’s nice.”

“they should play ska music, cause we all know the best music involving horns is ska, true story.”

“i agree with chewbacca”