ANFTD #21: Lenny Pickett

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Saxophonist Lenny Pickett joins ANFTD to talk about his very extraordinary career in music.  He and Dave talk about how he developed his language on the saxophone and thoughts on composition, electronics, life on the road with Tower of Power and some behind the scenes stories at Saturday Night Live. Drummond hips Dave and Michael to the new Animals as Leaders recording and how he got his car towed.

Lenny also has a new record, "The Prescription," out June 10. Recorded in Helsinki, Finland, the album is a collaboration with the Finnish 19-piece big band UMO Jazz Orchestra.

“The Prescription” Lenny Pickett with the UMO
“Footsteps for Eb clarinet” Lenny Pickett, self released
“Machine_2x” Lenny Pickett, self released
“Gtr_1x” Lenny Pickett, self released
“Stanza at Night with Radio City” Alan Ginsberg with Lenny Pickett, “Lion For Real” Mercury/Polygram
“Inamorata”, Miles Davis, “Bitches Brew” Columbia Records
“Radio Blues Mystery, Lenny Pickett
“Saturday Night Live Theme Song” Howard Shore
“Lo’s Garden”, Kenny Werner, “Lawn Chair Society” Blue Note Records
“Waltz in A- Saturday Night Live exit music” Howard Shore
“Great Exhibition” Michael Bates, Greenleaf Music
“CAFO” Animals as Leaders, Joy of Motion, Prosthetic Records
“A Noise from the Deep” Dave Douglas, Greenleaf Music


Matt Ulery Performing in Chicago


Matt Ulery will be live at Chicago's City Winery tonight with the New Millennium Orchestra, performing new orchestrations of "By a Little Light," as well as previewing the forthcoming "In the Ivory." Grab your copy of "By a Little Light" here!

Matt will also be performing as The Shepherd and The Herd next Tuesday June 10th at the Polish Triangle, and again at the Plein Air Cafe in Hyde Park on June 24th. More information about the series can be found here.

"Bridge to Nowhere" - This Month's Subscriber Track


"Bridge to Nowhere" is our track of the month, available exclusively to Subscribers. Probably a lot of you heard the quintet live last fall. "Bridge to Nowhere" was often our opener. The tour was interesting because Matt Mitchell, pianist, was called away by his involvement in Tim Berne's Snakeoil a few times during the tours. We had both Bobby Avey and Luis Perdomo as more than worthy substitutes.

Here the band was reunited in South Carolina and attacks the opening tune with some ferocity. This is one of the most fun bands for me, and we're beginning to work on the next book now, with touring to the Pacific Northwest and Denver, and then a week in NYC in August.

Hope to see you all out there. Enjoy!


Dave Douglas Quintet "Bridge to Nowhere"

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Download "Bridge to Nowhere"

Myrtle Beach, SC
Dave Douglas, Jon Irabagon, Matt Mitchell, Linda Oh, Rudy Royston

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Dave Douglas Northwest Residency and Quintet Performances


Dave Douglas will be in the Pacific Northwest in June for artist residencies at Spokane Falls Community College and Western Oregon University. The Dave Douglas Quintet will also play Seattle, Eugene and Denver. Full details and links to ticket information below. Hope to see you out there!

Dave Douglas Artist Residency
Thu 05 Jun Spokane Fall Community College / Spokane, US Buy tickets
Fri 06 Jun Western Oregon University / Monmouth, US Buy tickets
Sat 07 Jun Western Oregon University / Monmouth, US Buy tickets
Dave Douglas Quintet
Tue 10 Jun Dimitriou’s Jazz Alley / Seattle, US Buy tickets
Wed 11 Jun Dimitriou’s Jazz Alley / Seattle, US Buy tickets
Thu 12 Jun The John G. Shedd Institute for the Arts / Eugene, US Buy tickets
Fri 13 Jun Dazzle Jazz / Denver, US Buy tickets
Sat 14 Jun Dazzle Jazz / Denver, US Buy tickets

Linda Oh Performing at The Jazz Gallery this Weekend in NYC!

Linda Oh is performing at The Jazz Gallery this weekend! Featuring Sirius Quartet (Greg Ward, alto/soprano saxophones; Matt Mitchell, piano; Ches Smith, drums; Fung Chern Hwei, violin; Sara Caswell, violin; Ron Lawrence, viola; Jeremy Harman, cello), Linda will be playing two sets each night. Read about this special lineup in Linda's own words here.

FRI MAY 23 Jazz Gallery / New York, US Buy tickets
SAT MAY 24 Jazz Gallery / New York, US Buy tickets

For those of you who can't make it, we're offering a special 20% off her entire digital catalog all weekend to celebrate.

Download your copies here before Sunday at midnight with special code linda20!

Praise for "Riverside"



The reviews are in! Critics love "Riverside," the collaboration between co-leaders Dave Douglas and Chet Doxas featuring Steve Swallow and Jim Doxas. Grab your copy today!

"..a sturdily approachable new jazz quartet...this is a band that could easily keep going for a while without running out of options."
Nate Chinen, New York Times

"Riverside injects some toe-tapping, feel-good soul and brotherly hoots and hollers into the music."
Ken Micallef, DownBeat

"A great jazz disc predicated on one of the most heartening jazz revivals in many years."
Jeff Simon, Buffalo News

"The deceptive simplicity of folk-based themes, rich harmonic counterpoint and subtle rhythmic interplay are the basic foundations of Giuffre's aesthetic—aspects Riverside makes its own on this vibrant premiere."
Troy Collins, All About Jazz

"...a great collection of compositions album that is free in spirit and feeling."
Paul Acquaro, Free Jazz Blog

Chet Doxas

Screen Shot 2014-06-22 at 11.39.41 AMScreen Shot 2014-06-22 at 11.39.52 AM



Dave Douglas Performing Tonight at The Town Hall in NYC



Dave Douglas will be performing tonight at the Red Bull Music Academy Festival's improvised duets event along with other artists from a wide variety of genres. For more tickets and more information, visit the RBMA website.

"Present Joys" Roundup


Photo by Alberto Gallo

 Thanks to everyone who came out to hear Uri Caine and I on the just completed duo tour celebrating our new recording "Present Joys." Each location--festivals in Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Spain, Poland, UK, Ireland, France, and Portugal--had its own special story and particular environment. We were honored to be in these venerable locations, and it was a true pleasure to play night after night.

One of the special things about this tour was that we were able to play mostly acoustic almost everywhere. To not be pegged to a microphone, to rely purely on my own sound and dynamics, was a real thrill, a sense of freedom, and it enhanced the communication between the two of us, and the audience. We could really play with the unique sound of each venue, and we played in some spectacular ones.


From the Auditorium Rai Arturo Toscanini in Turin, to the Teatro Lope de Vega in Seville, to the Opera North Howard Assembly Room in Leeds, and the Abbaye de l'Epau in Le Mans… and many more… These were superb settings for the intimacy and vibrancy of the duo context. The music changed and bounced off the space differently every night.

Playing nightly also gave us a chance to dig deeper into the repertoire of Sacred Harp music, improvising and elaborating further the beautiful themes of that music. George Jacob, brilliant director of the festival in Bray, Ireland (where Keystone recorded "Moonshine," what, eight years ago?), pointed up some links from the melodies in this early North American music and various older musics of Ireland. I would love to go back to listen and explore those connections further someday.

 Present Joys Cover with Border - Web

This was an avant-premiere tour of sorts, as the record (in CD and vinyl!) won't be released officially until July 22 in the US. The beautiful cover was done by Peter Schumann of the Bread and Puppet Theater. Great to finally record a duet with Uri Caine, longtime friend and collaborator. Uri is so deft and so quick to hear new directions and diversions. He took my tunes to new places every night, and that's the kind of inspiration that immediately makes me hear new pieces to be developed and explored. I hope we get a chance to pursue this.


For now, we are both on to other projects. One thing about a duo is that the travel and the sound checks are exponentially easier than most! We had a good time traveling together. I don't think I am divulging anything unfairly (and I've checked with Uri) to tell you that in almost every free moment of this tour Uri was composing, tweaking, and producing musicians' parts for new orchestral works to be premiered in coming weeks and months. Hard to believe he can literally go from knee deep in an orchestral score back stage, to the piano on stage, at the flip of a switch. Amazing.

I'll be on to a Quintet visit to Seattle, Eugene, and Denver early next month. With Rudy Royston, Linda Oh, Matt Mitchell, and Jon Irabagon, we'll be working on some new material that I have plans to record at the end of the summer.

Dave Douglas and Uri Caine Record First Duo Album, "Present Joys"


Greenleaf Music is very proud to announce “Present Joys,” out July 22,  a new album from longtime collaborators Dave Douglas and Uri Caine.

“Present Joys” brings Douglas and Caine together for an intimate but exploratory outing inspired by “The Sacred Harp” tradition. The pair take on five pieces from shape-note tunebooks, as well as several new Douglas compositions undertaken in the same vein. These ten pieces engage Douglas’ trumpet and Caine’s piano in a captivating conversation full of memorable melodies and intricate digressions.

“I’ve always loved the Sacred Harp songs and started thinking about how to do them in the wake of 'Be Still,'” Douglas says.

"Playing duo is a special challenge, especially when accompanying a singer or horn player," says Caine. "The pianist is often responsible for keeping the groove happening as well as creating textures for the soloists. There is also a lot of freedom in playing duo as well as the chance to create a dialogue with another musician, which is a lot of fun with a musician like Dave.”

“The Sacred Harptunes are very heartfelt pieces, and I had no intention to play them with any irony,” says Douglas. “I think the music is really beautiful and hopefully the way that we play them allows the tunes to ring through in a way that jazz listeners and 'Sacred Harp' fans will appreciate and value.”

The duo is currently on tour--catch them in your city!

ANFTD #20: Steph Richards


Trumpeter and composer Steph Richards gets deep with the ANTD team and talks composition, improvisation, music w/ theatrical elements. There’s certainly some trumpet nerd out stuff too. Dave talks about a Laurie Frink scholarship and plays Michael some music from Henry Cow and Ornette Coleman.


River Euphrates-Steph Richards arr. Francis Black of the Pixies w/Asphalt Orchestra (unreleased)
Rotations-Steph Richards Live @ Jane's Carousel 2012, Brooklyn (unreleased)
Trains (shape no. 5)-Steph Richards with the Deli Trio, Live at Korzo 2014 (unreleased)
Chant-Brandon Ross’ Pendulum, Live at Nublu 2013 (unreleased)
March-Steph Richards, The Calendar Suite (unreleased)
Nirvana For Mice-Henry Cow, Leg End (Virgin Records)
Voice Poetry-Ornette Coleman, Body Meta (Polygram Records)