Please Do This

Our ever-changing landscape for recorded music makes independent creative music making more challenging and more important than ever. I am convinced that our community needs to exist and that new music will continue to be made for future generations. I am also convinced that our symbiotic community of listeners, music makers and families must stick together and commit to supporting and nurturing each other.

If you have thought about supporting the sustainable model we have created at Greenleaf Music, now would be great time to sign on. At the $25 annual level you can stream the entire catalog, including special Subscription Series releases and other unique content. Other levels also contain physical product and further discounts. It’s great value, and it’s also is crucial to our sustainable creative model. We are 100% advertisement free. You get the direct music from the artist. We created the model with that in mind. We need you to complete the picture. Sign on and enjoy the music and the community.

As one listener commented to me: Shakespeare might call it “a good deed in a naughty world.” The world is tough. We plan to continue making an oasis in music and creative thought. Please take a moment to join us.