ANFTD #49: Evan Parker

A Noise From The Deep, the Greenleaf Music Podcast, is proud to present this conversation with Evan Parker, one of the most important saxophonists, composers, and musical thinkers of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. Evan talks about his early musical experiences in, and out of, botany school, as well as his development of solo performance and his compositions for large ensembles of improvisers. Thanks to The Royal Academy of Music in London and its director Nick Smart for facilitating this discussion in front of a live audience.

Photos here are from the performance of Eight Elements of Change, by Dave Douglas, in January 2018 at the Royal Academy of Music, and featuring every one of its students. Thanks to photographer Simon Jay Price for the shots!

Titan Moon
Derek Bailey, Evan Parker, Han Bennink

Sankt Gerold Variation 1
Paul Bley, Evan Parker, Barre Phillips

Karyōbin Spontaneous Music Ensemble
Evan Parker – Soprano Saxophone
Kenny Wheeler – Trumpet, Flugelhorn
Derek Bailey – Electric Guitar
Dave Holland – Bass
John Stevens – Drums


Evan Parker – Soprano Saxophone
Roscoe Mitchell – Alto Saxophone, Soprano Saxophone
Anders Svanoe – Alto Saxophone
John Rangecroft – Clarinet
Neil Metcalfe – Flute
Corey Wilkes – Trumpet, Flugelhorn
Nils Bultmann – Viola
Philipp Wachsmann – Violin
Marcio Mattos – Cello
Craig Taborn – Piano
Jaribu Shahid – Double-Bass
Barry Guy – Double-Bass
Tani Tabbal – Drums, Percussion
Paul Lytton – Drums, Percussion

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