Adam Guettel

Just wanted to clarify and thank Jim for posting the stream below. In re: Come To Jesus — not an exhortation to conversion (I don’t think Adam has converted either), rather a piece from Adam’s album Myths and Hymns from 1998, originally from the off-Broadway production ‘Saturn Returns.’ Adam and I played in a band called Abstract Truth in high school. Another member, John Loose (formerly the percussionist from Bay Area electro-band Trance Mission) is now a senior engineer at Dolby. Congrats to Adam for the success of The Light in the Piazza!

My arrangement of Adam’s piece features Chris Potter, Uri Caine, James Genus and Clarence Penn. This is a rare take from a Quintet recording session with Joe Ferla recording and mixing. Never before released.

I feel like a shill for the company, but I’m shilling for something I believe in so shill on I will…

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