I Only Listen To Adam Benjamin

Adam made a great record. And I confess it’s all I listen to anymore.

Thirty-six standards, all recorded on Garageband with the internal sounds. They’re all between one and three minutes long.

Adam traipses through timbres, textures, and tunings. The variety is astounding. What at first seems to be potentially smirky and sarcastic (though still first-in-the-class brilliant), soon becomes a majestic tour de force. It’s a unique and heart-felt (I believe) tribute to the repertoire. There is so much original thought and material put into this that at times you forget the subtext, only to be jolted back by the clear statement of a melody or a set of chord changes.

What else can you do with standards that hasn’t been done (short of hiring Rod Stewart)? Adam shines a light. I recommend it highly.

I asked Dr. Wayne Rasmussen, who wrote the liner notes to Adam’s album, to post a comment here about the record and its context. Hopefully he’ll appear here in the next few days. There’s a link to Adam below.