Time Travel

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“The strength of the quintet,” Douglas argues, “is a testament to the health of the current jazz scene. It’s turning into a really rich environment of growth and inspiration in the music.”

Following on the heels of the critically acclaimed Be Still, Dave Douglas and his label Greenleaf Music release Time Travel, an all-instrumental follow-up to the album Stereophile called “one of the best-sounding new recordings [we]’ve heard by anybody in quite a while.”

Even with the identical personnel – the saxophonist Jon Irabagon, the pianist Matt Mitchell, the bassist Linda Oh and the drummer Rudy Royston, (sans Aoife O’Donovan), Time Travel is its own statement. Additionally master engineer Joe Ferla is onboard again to continue to pristine sound of Douglas’ bands.

“This core group was intended to be my new working band,” says Douglas of the instrumentalists on Time Travel. While O’Donovan and other singers (including Heather Masse) will continue to join the band in live settings, the focus for the time being, is on original small-group instrumental compositions, for which Douglas has been best known for throughout his 3-decade career in music.

The title Time Travel might suggest that Douglas is drawn toward futurism, sci-fi fantasy and the like. On one level, sure: music-making is the ultimate intangible, a point of departure, as the late Andrew Hill put it, but toward what?

“I was really interested in what David Toomey wrote in his book The New Time Travelers,” Douglas says. “How the concept of time travel has been around a long time, and how it is evident in the way we think and the way we create: backwards, forwards, all directions at once, beyond the speed of light, rearranging our understanding of cause and effect.”