The Most Disturbing Commercial Ever Made

It’s not a political ad a la LBJ’s infamous “Daisy Commercial” – no, in fact, we’ve had our fill of politics until 2020. Our criteria here are spots that are unintentionally disturbing/funny/inappropriate. This one we saw as part of a preview at a movie theater this weekend and it left us with our lower jaws on the floor. What the !*$# did we just see? In just 59 seconds this pocket-sized David Lynch/Guillermo del Toro nightmare manages to reference not just the mysterious product in question but the following images: leprosy, cannibalism, self-mutilation, dismemberment-by-car and certain graphic sexual practices (see salad-tossing, dirty sanchez), all marinated with a queer racial tic that sticks with you far longer than you want it to. In the end, we failed to comprehend what the product even was. Destined for the Hall of Fame.