The DD|50 Special Edition Box Set is available now

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Super proud of everybody on the Greenleaf team for the outcome of this new box set. It’s got Be Still, Time Travel and two unreleased items: Pathways, a new sextet recording with Uri Caine, Greg Tardy, Josh Roseman, Linda Oh, Clarence Penn, and special guest Aoife O’Donovan. And a DVD of session and art videos created by Christoph Green. There’s also a download card of additional out takes and unreleased tracks.

Not only is the box itself beautiful (thanks again, guys, OK yes, it’s my birthday, I get it), but they’ve also devised a system so that — if you already purchased Be Still and Time Travel — you don’t have to buy them again. You can simply “complete your box.” Nice right?

If you are curious, this is a cool moment to check out what’s going on at Greenleaf and get some great music. Thanks.

Hear “Handwritten Letter,” a previously unreleased track included in the box set “…a devastatingly catchy song, which has found itself stuck in my head since I received the box. It, moreover, serves as a firm reminder of how brilliant and infectious a melodist Douglas is” (Search & Restore)

Another bonus track, this one with video of the performance, premiered at Burning Ambulance on Monday.