Telematic Performance: Quasimodo the Great Lover

From Mark Dresser:

An Internet Performance of “Quasimodo the Great Lover” by Alvin Lucier
featuring twenty musicians between two cities:
Tintinnabulate located at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, New York led by Pauline Oliveros
and the VistaMuse Ensemble at University of California, San Diego led by Mark Dresser.

Quasimodo the Great Lover (1970): For any person who wishes to send sounds over long distances through air, water, ice, metal, stone, or any other sound carrying medium, using the sounds to capture and carry to listeners far away the acoustic characteristics of the environments through which they travel.

Thursday, February 26, broadcast on between 1-2 PM PST/ 4-5PM EST. Here’s the direct link for the performance.

Telematic performance is becoming more and more practical and effective these days. A few transcontinental performances are already be planned during the Banff residency in May/June. Stay tuned.