still on the road…..

What’s been great about this tour so far is who’s been coming out to the shows. As a long time improvised music fan, it’s so incredible for me to see people like Frank Gratkowski and Jeff Neve coming out to see us play…..also, last night in Cologne, we met a fellow named Stephan who came up to buy a cd after the set. He owned recordings by all of us: my two previous releases, Quinsin’s Magic Numbers, Russ’ Save Big as well as several sideman projects we’ve done (including all of Kris Davis’ cds who is an incredible pianist and wife of Jeff Davis). Not only did he know the recordings well, we talked about all sorts of art and politics. Great guy….

After the gig we checked out a local jam session and the quartet got roped into getting up a doing a tune. It was fun to let fly in that environment and a nice way to meet some more local musicians….

….time now to crack open my copy of Slaughter House Five as we’re off to Dresden. We played there last year too which was fun….