Sitting Back Easy with Patto

A few weeks ago, I had a brief tweeting with @billforman. He did an interview with Nels Cline — no secret we’re fans of Nels around here — in which Nels mentions his and Jeff Tweedy’s mutual admiration for the band Patto. You can read a lot about Patto over at Wiki. Ollie Halsall is one of my favorite guitarists. My band also covered this tune from the unfinished record Monkey’s Bum once (great horn chart).

But anyway, their self-title debut has been at the top of my lists of records I’ve wanted on wax for awhile. So after that conversation, I checked out eBay. Two years ago, they were going for $50-75. Now, it’s hard to find one under $200. Ridiculous that a record would cost that much, in my opinion. But, one chilled-out Sunday morning, I put in a bid on an auction just as it was ending, and to my surprise… I won. $22.43 later, it just arrived. I have to nominate for Steal of the Year.

Patto on desk

If you haven’t heard these guys, you should. Seriously. Highest recommendation.