Rock super-group on the way…

I’ve been hearing rumors galore about Dave Grohl and John Paul Jones collaboration — a rumor that I thought was more funny that realistic, even if Grohl mentioned it in a 2005 interview. But today I hear from Mog who heard from Antiquiet who heard from Queen’s of the Stone Age’s Josh Homme’s wife‘s second cousin’s babysitter’s close friend’s sister-in-law:

Dave Grohl of Foo Fighters (we always feel we should state Nirvana too), Josh Homme of Queens Of The Stone Age and John Paul Jones of Led Zeppelin are currently jamming in a studio over in L.A. and apparently, they’re not leaving until a full-length has been made.

Not much else has been confirmed or revealed so far on the new project so keep checking back for more news as it happens.

All these dudes are solid at what they do even if you weren’t into the Zep, or the Foo, or the Queen’s. Say what you want, this is going to be incredible to hear. Can’t wait.

Whenever I talk about Zeppelin — which seems like a lot lately — I am always reminded of the age old rock question, one that many feel defines a rocker, one that I discussed briefly with Luis at the Showcase this weekend. So I pose that question now:

Led Zeppelin or The Who?
(Page or Townsend? // Plant or Daltrey? // Jones or Entwistle? // Bonzo or Moon?)