Rhythm of Changes

Some of you may have gotten an email from us yesterday (if you didn’t and you’d like to, go here to join our mailing list). More changes are coming for Greenleaf Music, not least of which the goal of getting me blogging again….

Simply put, writing Big Band music takes a lot of time. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel — and anyone interested can hear the results soon. Recently some players at the Banff Workshop gave me the enormous gift of a few readings. Thanks again, folks.

In the meantime we’ve produced two new recordings (since Moonshine and Keystone Live at the Jazz Standard) for Greenleaf Music. I asked Donny McCaslin to write and record the Great American Tenor Trio Record, half jokingly. Well, he delivered, with a stunning set of music called Recommended Tools, with his trio of Hans Glawischnig and Jonathan Blake. Donny will be criss-crossing the country and the Atlantic with the trio and Greenleaf Music is thrilled to be supporting him.

Also, composer and contrabass master Michael Bates will be out there with his excellent quartet, Outside Sources, and a brilliant new recording called Clockwise. More info and tour dates coming soon.

The subscription series is undergoing some changes and will end in its current form as of the July download. All 36 tracks will stay alive on the site and still be available for purchase. However, we’re going to be rolling out a new system for special products and rarities that come in dosages smaller than CD length.

And I hope to be returning soon with more musical random thoughts. Viva Obama.