Quintet in Antwerp 2006 via be.jazz

We just finished our matinee (11 am) concert in Milan. We have a break before the evening concert in a different theater. The travel has been intense but everyone is holding up OK. Donny, Uri, James and Clarence have given their all on every gig, learning all the new music as well as playing pieces we haven’t done together in years. They inspire me.

Mwanji was kind enough to post a review of our show at Luchtbal last Friday. It was nice to meet Mr. be.jazz, more proof that bloggers are people, too. He is an excellent writer, and if you go deeper into his blog you will find a lengthy essay about Ornette Coleman, much referenced in the blogosphere. It’s worthy a read and raises many great issues.

I don’t agree with everything in the review, which is as it should be. But I must take special exception to “Dave Douglas is anti-Bush.” I’m not anti-Bush, Mwanji. I’m pro-America and pro-World.

And now I’m curious enough to take a look at his comments section and respond. Sometimes when you wear a loud green shirt you get taken out of context.

Thanks for the write-up.