…on the Road


The photos above were taken at gig we did in Brussels. They were edited and manipulated by an artist we met named Ana Marin Sanchez. Lovely stuff to check out on her site.

Also just met the fellow who put together the website, Jazz Clubs Worldwide, which is an incredible resource for any jazz musicians looking to travel the globe.

We had an excellent time in Belgium and we’re about to get on our way to Germany for about five days. The tour has been a lot of fun so far…last night we played in Heist-op-den-Berg in a beautiful old club called Hnita. It’s one of the oldest jazz spots in Belgium and real who’s who of jazz have passed through (Sonny Rollins, Clarke Terry and many others). We had a very attentive audience and happily, many came to see the band because of the Greenleaf connection. I was happy to note that.

More in a few days….