ANFTD #108: Nick Dunston

Dave talks to bassist, composer and multi-instrumentalist Nick Dunston.

Label Hang #12: Catalog Stroll Pt. 2 with Dave Douglas

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Greenleaf Artist Picks

Three artists wrote back with three picks each.

Label Hang #11: Catalog Stroll with Dave Douglas

As the staff and artist picks came in, it seemed like a good time to do a little listening to some…

Together We Give.

This year we would like to be with our community of musicians and send our support to the Festival…

Dec. 9 & 10: Dave Douglas Quintet at The Owl Music Parlor

New York! It's here: your first chance to enjoy the music of Songs of Ascent live by the Dave…

OUT NOW: Home – Song Yi Jeon & Vinicius Gomes

Album release day for Greenleaf's newest artists.

ANFTD #107: Oren O’Blivion

Oren and Dave listen to his new recordings and talk about songwriting, lyrics, and owning and…

Sheet Music for Songs of Ascent available now

Plus a sheet music discount sale, as part of Bandcamp Friday

Label Hang #10 with Ryan Keberle

Talking Catharsis and more Keberle projects.

NEW SINGLE: Nilopolitano

Energetic Brazilian tune from Song Yi Jeon & Vinicius Gomes.

ANFTD #106: Enrico Rava

In appreciation of Enrico’s Award of Recognition from the grassroots Festival of New Trumpet……


New moody track from Song Yi Jeon & Vinicius Gomes.

Label Hang #9 with Song Yi Jeon & Vinicius Gomes

Spend some time with Greenleaf's newest artists.

ANFTD #105: Shabaka Hutchings

Hutchings joins Dave Douglas to discuss his recent solo album.

The new single Scepter, from Dave Douglas' Songs of Ascent: Book 1 - Degrees

The third single: a bass feature for Linda May Han Oh

Song Yi Jeon chosen as Protégée for Rolex Arts Programme

She is the music protégée for 2023-24.

EXCERPT: Label Hang w/ Dave Douglas Quintet #8

They talk about their upcoming album, Songs of Ascent.

NEW SINGLE: Dancing Stars

Watch for the album to release November 18th.

The new single Peace Within Your Walls, from Dave Douglas' Songs of Ascent: Book 1 - Degrees
NEW SINGLE: Peace Within Your Walls

Get two tracks when you pre-order now.


Listen to the first single, "Lift Up My Eyes."

BANDCAMP PRE-ORDER: Song Yi Jeon & Vinicius Gomes ‘Home’

The first single releases on September 13th.