Musicstem Blowout Sale, Part 2

We are gearing up for the next release over here. Moonshine by Dave Douglas & Keystone is finished and on its way! The record will be an interactive experience through our website with plenty of freebies and ways you can thoroughly enjoy this incredible album. More to come VERY soon.

But in the meantime…

There’s a big sale happening over at our exclusive webstore, Not only are there $5, $6, and $7 titles of some really great records by Anthony Braxton, Muhal Richard Abrams, Ken Vandermark, Terry Callier, and our own Dave Douglas, but now, all of Greenleaf’s back catalogue has been reduced in price as well. Most titles are now between $10 and $12! A steal if you ask us. But go check it out, fill in those holes in your collection.

Our brother-label, Premonition Records, is participating in this sale, too, with their front-line titles from Patricia Barber and Von Freeman reduced as well. Not to mention the Barber and Freeman box set deal, and the latest Drew Gress album available in package deals so low its stupid!

The sale will last until the end of this year when Greenleaf and Premonition will split from Musicstem. Greenleaf will be starting a new store housed on this website. We will be taking care of all of our previous customers in the switchover so don’t you worry! But some things will change, specifically, the shipping rates will probably increase due to rate increases at the USPS. All the more reason to go over to Musicstem now and order all those titles you have been procrastinating about purchasing.