Music Videos That Didn’t Make MTV

It may be cliche to mention Steve Reich when talking about “strange” music, but I couldn’t care less …

This link takes you to his website which features a few mp3s to download, including the opening section of Music for 18 Musicians from the premiere in New York in 1976. If you already have that recording, then check out the video section. They have a performance of Clapping Music which is pretty cool, but the excerpt from his video opera, Three Tales – 2002, is particularly awesome. The music has been written for string quartet and tape, and visuals were put together by his wife Beryl Korot.

(… and for all of you Indie-Rockers reading, the new Loose Fur (Jeff Tweedy and Glenn Kotche from Wilco & the infamous Jim O’Rourke) record, Born Again in the USA, will be coming out in a month or two on the Chicago label Drag City. They just posted a video for one of the new tunes, Hey Chicken, on