Message about Metamorphosis

Glad you are here reading what we have to offer at Greenleaf Music. I started this company in 2005 with my friend Michael Friedman. It has become in some sense a path forward in this changing landscape for independent artists. I’ve often reflected on how much closer I am to people who listen to my music than I ever was on a “major” label. It’s one of the aspects of this company that I enjoy.

This year we’ve been releasing monthly installments of my recording of Metamorphosis, with Wadada Leo Smith, Oliver Lake, Andrew Cyrille, Fred Frith, Susie Ibarra, Matt Mitchell, and Yasushi Nakamura. It’s a special project I recorded for subscribers and supporters of Greenleaf Music.

You can get this music, both in download form and on CD, by joining us now. I hope you will — it’s one of the ways I believe an independent company like ours can survive. So this is our new release, and you get it by joining us in our ongoing activities creating excellent musical content. Subscribing gives the newsletter, the podcast, and discounts on all the recordings and sheet music releases we do.

So if you like what you hear, please consider joining up this month as we prepare for a couple of excellent new CD releases.