Love & Donuts

Dave is too bashful to mention it so it’s left to me to spread the word that he has produced another masterful track for Greenleaf Music’s Subscription Series. Of course, that’s not exactly an unbiased opinion. And me telling you about it is only a little bit more than an unapologetic way to ask that you consider subscribing to Greenleaf Music. But check it out … The track, called Love & Donuts, is extraordinary. It’s a one-of-a-kind, never before captured on tape recording, made under the best of circumstances. The song was part of almost every Keystone concert but was not recorded for the album. The sound quality is pristine and the playing is jaw dropping.
Here is how Dave describes the track:
Any of you who have seen Keystone Live will recognize this tune, but this is the first actual recording of it. This performance was the culmination of a fantastic week for the band in the Canadian Rockies. Joe Ferla was also there that week, and he supervised this recording. It comes from a concert in which we also played to Arbuckle films and supervised performances of original music by participants in the Banff Jazz and Creative Music Workshop.
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