Keystone: Live In Sweden

Last fall, I had the honor of handling merchandise for Dave on his European Keystone tour. Between the blinding amount of train rides, the cheese sandwiches, and gallons of coffee were the shows, each one a eye-popping and ear-jerking spectacle. Most nights I was in the audience watching the unblinking stares fixed on the large screen behind the shadowy silhouette of the band playing to the Fatty Arbuckle films. People would be mesmerized as the score, with all its improvisation, recurring themes, and knob twiddling by Adam and Olive, moved with the film. And when I wasn’t in the front of the venue with the audience, I was hidden on the side of the stage behind Gene trying to make sense of his seemingly effortless arms flailing. Anyone who saw any of those shows knows what an experience it was.

And now, we are releasing one of those shows, one from the Umea Jazz Festival in Sweden, as our second installment of our Paperback Series. Besides the 35-minute Fatty & Mabel Adrift Suite , this show contains two tracks, Pool Sharks and Luke the Dog, previously unreleased, though our subscribers will recognize them from the studio versions in our free downloads section. Not only that, The Real Roscoe is blazing and Mabel Normand is soft and gorgeous. This is an amazing representation of the sound of the shows. As Dave says in the liner notes, “The Keystone sound really came together here: sloppy and wild, but also focused, lyrical, delicate, and at times simply bizarre.”

We hope that you all enjoy it as much as we do. To preorder, click here. Release date: July 14.