Greg Ward’s ‘Stomping Off From Greenwood’ is Bandcamp’s Album of the Day

Greg Ward’s Stomping Off From Greenwood has been chosen as the Album of the Day by Bandcamp Daily.

In his review, Mike West says:

“That Stomping Off From Greenwood freely weighs progressive jazz concepts against sounds from Chicago’s avant-rock scene is not entirely unexpected, given their hometown’s reputation for off-kilter musical fusion. Importantly, the band’s interplay gestures beyond that storied starting point; its sound—intricate and yet edgy, melodic but distorted, with stomping rhythms and a confrontational mien—has as much in common with proto-punkers Television as with post-rockers Tortoise. It’s a zesty development—and, despite its three-piece command crew, a thoroughly individual one for Ward et al.”

Read the full piece here.

Ahead of tomorrow’s release, you can get three tracks now when you pre-order the album now on Bandcamp and iTunes.