Rudy Royston press update for ‘Flatbed Buggy’

Reviews for Rudy Royston’s Flatbed Buggy are starting to come in. Check out what folks are saying!

“Flatbed Buggy is a true masterpiece sure to elate the most discerning of jazz aficionados with its unorthodox and novel ideas and its unparalleled level of musicianship.”
Nextbop, Sébastien Hélary

“… the quintet’s artistry is so richly imbued with intricate layers of melody and rhythm. One of the more memorable and enjoyable releases of 2018, to be sure.”
All About Jazz, Troy Dostert, 4.5 stars

“Flatbed Buggy is one of those albums to listen to all the way through.  There’s so much to “hear”, so many stories and histories embedded in this music that it’s impossible to appreciate what Rudy Royston has so majestically created on one pass through.  At times stunning, at others times, joyful yet always melodic and rhythmically rich, this album deserves your full attention!”
Step Tempest, Richard Kamins

“On Flatbed Buggy, there is room for full improvisation, as the quintet blends seamlessly, and the interplay keeps the mood invigorating. … There is a lot to like here, and Royston succeeds in setting a mood to explore one’s happy youth experiences with instruments seldom found together in a jazz setting.”
Audiophile Audition, Jeff Krow

The album will be released on October 26. Pre-order the album on Bandcamp, iTunes and Amazon. Stream on on Apple Music and Spotify.