Donny McCaslin’s Casting For Gravity release day

This year has been a whirlwind for us. And we’re proud to announce our final release of 2012. And man, does it rip!

Donny came to Chicago earlier this year with Jason, Tim, and Mark for a run at Green Mill previewing music they were getting ready to record. Needless to say, we were dumbfounded and extremely excited at what we heard and saw.

What we heard was all this new music that was, at the time, dubbed “Stadium Jazz” by Tim. It was big, bigger than anything we’d heard before. Donny flexing his herculean horn, Mark breaking beats and blowing minds, Tim towering in the back muscling his fuzz pedals, and Jason synthing it all to the outer limits. What we saw was more head bobbing than you’d expect at a jazz show. The young kids trying their hardest to record video on the sly while lapping up every note. Maybe it was the Old Fashioneds we were drinking, but this was one of the best shows we’ve ever seen at the Mill.

That excitement was reintroduced when Donny sent us the master a few months later. The album, beautifully produced by David Binney, captured all that we heard that night, and then some. This is a special release for Donny. A major statement to our ears. And now we are happy to say that it’s out in the world ready for your earbuds. Enjoy.

››› Casting For Gravity record release – Scullers – 10.10.12