Donny McCaslin at Scullers, Review

Some kind words from Steve Greenlee at about Donny McCaslin’s recent gig at Scullers.

“…through his tenor saxophone, it was clear that he’s full of tiger blood and Adonis DNA.

He and his quartet — which included pianist Taylor Eigsti, bassist Scott Colley, and drummer Antonio Sanchez — have one speed, one gear: go.

McCaslin, who went to Berklee on a full scholarship and joined Gary Burton’s quartet while still in school, commands great respect among jazz musicians but is relatively unknown even among jazz aficionados. That ought to change, and it ought to change this year. “Perpetual Motion,” his new acoustic-electric album, is in the early running for best-of-2010 lists.

Best of 2011, right? We certainly agree with that sentiment. You can agree, or disagree, but at least pick up a copy and have a listen. High-res MP3s are $8 with full artwork. Donny never let’s you down.