DJ Olive – Let Us Live Mix

There’s a great mix with Olive’s name on it streaming (download it, too) over at PercussionLab.

Dub is about space. The space where guitars used to be, the space between beats, the space that echos create. DJ Olive absorbed this maxim in the 90’s, when you were still sucking pacifiers on the dancefloors of abandoned warehouses. He invented the term illbient, only to later claim the term was a joke. He’s one of the few dj’s successfully riding the line between in your face artistic expression and dancefloor palatability. from sound installations at Whitney Biennial, the Venice Biennale, and the Centre Pompidou in Paris, to freaking the bins at Dub War over the last few years, he’s both an entertainer and an educator.

This mix is a dub mix from a NYC originator – it’s about space, man. Light one up, lay back, and enjoy.

Whereas we don’t recommend the first of those three things, the latter two are easily done. Happy listening.