Live at the Jazz Standard [2CD]


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Between December 5 and 10, 2006, the Dave Douglas Quintet settled into New York’s Jazz Standard for a six night run. Greenleaf Music recorded all 12 sets the group played that week and released each set within 24 hours as downloadable MP3s. The project represented the broadest documentation of the Grammy nominated group to date and featured a unique combination of compositions and improvisations culled from previous albums The Infinite (2001), Strange Liberation (2003) and Meaning and Mystery (2006), as well as a book of new pieces recently road-tested on the Quintet’s November, 2006 European tour.

After repeated requests from fans, Douglas and Greenleaf decided to change course and release some of this extraordinary music on CD in a double disc set appropriately titled, Dave Douglas Quintet, Live at the Jazz Standard. The discs include all of the new pieces and two older pieces never before heard on CD in a “live” format and in which the arrangement is significantly different from their studio renderings.

The first disc presents all the pieces Douglas wrote in the summer and fall of 2006 for the quintet. These pieces were topical to what was going on at that moment, as may be inferred from the titles (“Earmarks, “War Room,” etc). The second disc showcases pieces written in early 2006–some of which inspired by Dave’s examination of Don Cherry’s music, some of them slated for inclusion on the studio album Meaning and Mystery. In addition, there are two ‘bonus tracks,’ pieces which have never been released in their live format and in which the arrangement is significantly different from their studio renderings: the title track to Douglas’ album Magic Triangle (1998), and “A Single Sky,” from Strange Liberation (2004).