DD|50 Project


There is now a dedicated web site for the 50 states project that you may have read about in DownBeat. It is a great pleasure to present this project and to hear from and work with inspiring institutions, presenters, and musicians all around the country!

How far along am I, you ask? We’ve played (in no particular order) in TX, NY, WY, CO, OK, KS, MO, NV, IL, PA. This week we will be in CT, ME, RI, VT. And I will be scouting NH for our free outdoor concert at the Greenleaf hut on August 24.

I am learning a lot as I go. I’ve long thought there should be a better network for creative, alternative music and jazz in the United States. And of course there have been many attempts. Finding out first hand from people involved in the music has been enlightening. It is hard work to make this happen, and the payoff has been rich as I have met so many inspiring individuals.

Over the last decade or so I have gotten more involved in outdoors events and causes. Part of the DD|50 project reflects that love of the land by organizing concerts in unexpected, natural locations in the outdoors. Join us for a free concert at Greenleaf Hut in Franconia Notch, New Hampshire on August 24. The hut is splendidly located at 4200 feet elevation, which may not seem like a lot if you live in Europe or the Rockies. But in East Coast terms it is pretty high, close to the tree line. And the climb to get there rises almost 2500 feet. I’m hoping this will became a tradition and will bring many more people into contact with this blessed wilderness.

Many of the concerts will be with my current quintet as heard on Time Travel. We’ll also play some of the hymns and traditional tunes heard on Be Still. Additionally, we’ll play some music on my forthcoming sextet CD, Pathways, which was recorded in 2012 at The Banff Center. Pathways will be released in a deluxe box set with a DVD of studio performances and extra material from all three albums.

Check out the interactive map and see when I’ll be in your area. Be sure to say hello. And if you don’t see anything nearby send us a note so we can arrange a concert there. We look forward to it.

Dave Douglas and the DD|50 Team.