College Radio and Music Programming

I’ve always thought of college radio as the best of all gifts to drivers of cars. Real listeners enthusiastically playing you what they love to hear. That has changed quite a bit, but at certain stations at certain times you can still be pleasantly surprised. It’s one of the things we’re aiming for at Greenleaf Radio, and I have asked several interesting people for new playlists. A new list will be coming soon from DJ Olive aka Gregor Asch.

Anyway. Douglas Wolk at Slate has an interesting analysis:

College radio is local and individual, and the digital audio revolution has barely slowed it down. You can download songs from a dorm-mate or someone halfway across the world (or, all right, an actual online music store), but that only works if you already know what you want to hear. The point of college radio is that you get to hear things you didn’t already know about. And that means it’s one of the last few parts of American media that still has the power to surprise.