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Taking equal inspiration from jazz, western classical music, and lasting modern acts as disparate as the Bad Brains and Ornette Coleman, Clockwise offers a panoramic view of the engaging musical mind of Michael Bates, and will prove to be a watershed for enthusiasts of cutting-edge composition and improvisation. This dynamic collection of nine original works (the latest additions to an oeuvre bulging with more than 200 compositions) written for his Outside Sources ensemble blurs the line between composition and improvisation and leaves the listener in a vertiginous space where tradition teeters at the knife-edge of a modern zest for experimentation and evolution.

Dave Douglas on Michael Bates’ Outside Sources and Clockwise: “I whole-heartedly recommend taking special note in Outside Sources! Michael Bates is a fantastic bassist and an engaging composer.”

Subscriber Bonus: Poor Man’s Cure

An unreleased track from Michael Bates’ Greenleaf debut, Clockwise called Poor Man’s Cure.

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Download “Poor Man’s Cure” [MP3, 254kbps, 6.82MB]