Chicago Promoter Ordinance


Tomorrow, Chicago’s City Council will be voting on a new ordinance that will make SERIOUS problems for local bands, venues, and pretty much anyone in the arts. Why they are doing this, I can’t tell. But I do know that this will be a real problem and will stifle the creative community in our fair city.

Check out for more details on how you can help this ordinance from happening. Or just contact your alderman.

The “Event Promoters” ordinance requires any event promoter to have a license from the city of Chicago and liability insurance of $300,000, but that’s just the start:

    The definition of “event promoter” is so loosely defined it could apply to a band that books its own shows or a theater company that’s in town for a one-week run.
    “Event Promoter” must be licensed and will pay $500 – $2000 depending on expected audience size.
    To get the license, applicant must be over 21, get fingerprinted, submit to a background check, and jump over several other hurdles.
    This ordinance seems targeted towards smaller venues, since those with 500+ permanent seats are exempt.
    Police must be notified at least 7 days in advance of event.