Cellist Okkyung Lee’s Excellent List for Banff

Here is a brilliant list created by Okkyung Lee for the Banff Workshop.

solo improvisation – listening examples

    Cecil Taylor (piano) – choral of voice (1973) from solo
    Abdul Wadud (cello) – Oasis (1977) from By Myself
    George Lewis (trombone) – Toneburst (piece for 3 trombones simultaneously) (1976) from the George Lewis solo trombone record
    John Zorn (Mouth Piece/Duck Calls/Saxophones)- Katsumi Shigeru (1985) from the classic guide to strategy
    Evan Parker (soprano saxophone) – The Snake Decides (1986) from the snake decides
    Derek Bailey (guitar) – Laura (2002) from Ballads
    Milford Graves (drums/percussion) – Know Your Place (1998) from Grand Unification
    Stefano Scoddanibbio (bass) – Voyage Interrupted (1998) from the Voyage That Never Ends
    Christian Marclay (turntables) – solo improvisation from Night Music

    Phil Minton (voice) – the Cutty Wren (2010)

and also highly recoded…

    Anthony Braxton (saxophone/composition) – any solo records
    Wadada Leo Smith (trumpet/composition) – any solo records
    John Butcher (saxophones) – Resonant Spaces (2008)
    Le Quan Ninh (percussion)

    John Edwards (bass)

    Tom Cora (cello)

    Ikue Mori (laptop) – any solo records
    Fred Frith (guitar)

    Peter Evans (trumpet) – More Is More (2006)