A Year Ends, A Year Begins

What Lasts.

As the tenth Festival of New Trumpet Music drew to a close I found myself sitting back enjoying the challenging new piece Tom Harrell wrote for the festival. Tom put a lot of work into the suite. He and the band, with Mark Turner, Ugonna Okegwa, and Adam Cruz dug into it with relish. It was such a pleasure to witness the birth of a new music so ambitious, heartfelt, and totally 'lived.' On reflection I realized it was a feeling I was blessed to have many times during this year's events.

Beyond The Music.

Jazz Workshops in the 21st Century, the New Mentorship Process

Every time I see a teaching artist talk about music I learn something new. Every time I look at a contemporary book or blog post explaining creative music work I find something I've never seen before. Not that I always agree. Yes, agreement about practicing scales and chords and patterns and rhythms is easy. But it's in the fundamental conception of the creative process and how to address it that things get interesting. That's where new jazz workshops around the globe are taking the lead in passing on this tradition in a way that used to be covered by working mentorships and touring.

Dave Douglas and Curtis Macdonald: Q&A & Q&A

Two conversations between Dave Douglas and Curtis Macdonald on composing, playing, and technology.

two thousand ten.

A Call To Arts